Why do Business Cards Still Work?

Business cards haven’t lasted this long due to some warped sense of tradition or nostalgia. They’ve managed to stick around because they still add value to the networking experience.

Whether you’re at a conference, mixer, or backyard BBQ, a business card allows you to hand off or collect pertinent contact information in one smooth motion. There’s no fumbling with your smartphone or hunting down a pencil and paper. You don’t even have to break eye contact.

Old fashioned or not, business cards save time and allow you to focus on making genuine human connections. And, as an extension of your brand, they can help you make a longer-lasting impression. For instance, Blue Star Design’s business cards allow our company to showcase our creativity in about two seconds without having to say a word. Our folded cards with clever sayings are a reflection of our talent, which helps set us apart.

Your average looking business card may be giving off the impression that your company is just that: average. It’s incredibly important for your business cards to stand out from the rest, making a memorable impression and bringing in business.

You have to be willing to invest knowing that they will go in the trash

Gone are the days of rolodexes and overstuffed wallets full of business cards. No one keeps business cards around. I don’t, and you probably don’t either.  

But that’s not why you print them and hand them out. They are not meant to be keepsakes or gifts. We like to think of business cards like tweets. Just like tweets, they don’t last a long time (the average tweet only has a lifespan of about 15 minutes). However, every tweet, just like every business card, is an opportunity for your brand to establish its credibility and uniqueness. Even though the handoff is a small exchange of info, know that the interaction doesn’t have to be.

Include your elevator pitch

Business cards aren’t just for potential clients and customers: they can be for you, too. For instance, there’s a lot of pressure at times to remember your elevator pitch. You can give it a million times and then forget it the once second you need it. However, your business card can be a cue card for your elevator pitch or slogan.

“We sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

Break it down

You can include bullet points about your services.


  • Do you have piles of papers instead of files?
  • Do you waste time looking for that other shoe?
  • Do you find you’re late for everything?

Or, add in a great call to action.

“Get moving. Rent a car now.”

Leave some open space

Leave a little room for notes when putting together your card. This is great for quickly jotting a note, number, or a name down for a friend or client. Supplying clients and friends with the handwritten note they need will ensures that your info gets looked at again later.

The wrap up

Business cards aren’t easy to craft. They require time and good design. However, if you create a truly unique business card that is creative and professional, your company will reap the benefits in recognition. What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever seen on a business card? Comment below with your answer!