Content is marketing’s lifeblood — you can’t market without it. But there’s more to writing than just slapping a few words on the page. Customers want relevant, high-quality content that speaks to them at every stage throughout the buying journey (from awareness to consideration to decision). Engaging content should be everywhere they are – social media, newsletters, blog posts, case studies, videos, whitepapers, webpages, and infographics all fall under the content marketing umbrella. When this daunting task overwhelms you, we are here to help.

Blogging for Business

Blogging is not an option for your business anymore; it’s a necessity. Blogs need to be filled with rich keywords, focused on solving problems and offering valuable information to your customers, and you already know that you get the best results by posting weekly, if not more often. That can be downright overwhelming, but it is doable with the right team.

Persuasive Copywriting

Good marketing still requires copywriters. In fact, some would argue that the role of the copywriter is more important than ever especially when you find yourself struggling to get your key messages across. Understanding how to influence the type of prospects you want to attract is just one part of the equation; the other is determining how they expect to receive those messages.

The Need for Speed

If you are constantly working against deadlines or managing simultaneous campaigns, you need to be able to produce content quickly. However, maintaining quality can be a challenge when you’re racing against the clock. This is why Blue Star’s team is filled with trained journalist. Our team prides itself on their research skills, accuracy, and fast-writing strategies.


Client Portfolio

Anderson Intl • 2023

Blog: Hexane Extraction

The solvent extraction of vegetable oils like soybean oil

Russell Hendrix • 2023

Blog: Cambro Containers 

5 Reasons to Invest in the New Cambro Containers: CamSquare® FreshPro

CBTS • 2023

Blog: SASE

Ten essential benefits of a managed SASE solution

Positive Peers • 2023

Blog: Outercourse

Learn how outercourse can be a great way to enjoy and practice safe sex when living with HIV

Adherex • 2024

Blog: Custom Glass Packaging

Custom glass packaging solutions and how they can best serve glass manufacturers and suppliers.

Stretchtape • 2024

Blog: Fill, Form, and Seal 

The complexities of turning a roll of packaging film into a shelf-ready finished bag.

Graphic Packaging • 2024

Case Study: Dogfish Head Brewery

Packaging solution for Dogfish Head Bewery that incorporates an interactive scratch and sniff element on the front and back of each carton.

OnX • 2024

Blog: Cloud Contact Center

The benefits of implementing CCaaS for end-users, customers, and employees.

CBTS • March 2020

Blog: Tech Channel Partner

In our channel partner world, you’re the superhero

Anderson Intl • March 2020

Blog: Oilseed Processing Data 

Routinely pulling data samples helps to anticipate changes and streamline processing operations

CBTS • July 2020

Blog: Tech Covid Preperation

CBTS and state administrators collaborate to prepare for overwhelming call volume

McGowan • May 2019

Blog: Insurance Cannabis Risk 

Risk Management for CPAs Serving Cannabis Clients


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