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How We Roll

Blue Star is a B2B strategic marketing support agency


At Blue Star, we conceptualize, build, and implement online marketing campaigns. We produce rich blog content, comprehensive social media strategies, and creative eBooks to attract customers to your site. We develop landing pages, automate workflows, and analyze data to connect the dots between marketing and sales. We name companies, design memorable logos, and assist marketers with maintaining a strong brand.

And we do all of this at the speed of business.


68% of digital marketers say that visual assets are imperative to successful marketing

(Social Examiner) 

Visual storytelling is more prominent than ever (thanks to social media and mobile browsing), and it’s forcing brands to step up their game. We understand the pace and pressures of delivering the exceptional work with short lead times that the digital world demands.


Nine out of 10 B2B buyers say online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions

(CMO Council)

Blogging is not an option for your business anymore; it’s a necessity. Your customers are looking for relevant, high-quality content that speaks to them at every stage of their buying journey. Blue Star can help you create both the quantity and quality of content that you need.


55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media


Social media is a full-time job — sometimes several full-time jobs. Every single post, reply, like, and comment should be guided by a plan that is furthering your long-term business goals. Together, we’ll establish and pursue the goals that you’re racing to achieve.

Blue Star is a creative, content, and social media marketing agency with extensive experience in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, education, and B2B for mid-size to enterprise-level organizations.

Every cloud migration has PMS 877 lining

Every cloud migration has PMS 877 lining

When you are a design and marketing agency creating content for an enterprise technology company in your client portfolio, and you've done the deep dive on everything cloud, you will eventually write your own story about your cloud migration experience. And ours?...

How to create an environment that allows women to flourish at work

How to create an environment that allows women to flourish at work

Before Blue Star, I was in the corporate workforce and experienced all the same issues and discrimination women still face today. Sexual harassment, pay gap, gender bias, lack of opportunity, exclusion, etc. It's ironic to think about my intentions back then, but when...

GDUSA awards show how our clients inspire creativity

GDUSA awards show how our clients inspire creativity

Blue Star is a lean team. We're small but mighty. And if you've partnered with us, you know the incredible amount of work our crew produces over a year. We manage to pump out a massive volume of projects because our team is organized, accessible, and highly talented....



Blue Star is known for exceptional customer service, creating order out of chaos, and giving attention to detail.

We are easy to work with, need little direction, and pride ourselves on understanding the nuances of the market segments that we serve.

We are professional, accessible, attentive, responsible, and fast.

Our Process 

At Blue Star, we manage projects, ensure they are completed on time and on budget, and invite clients to join us weekly for online reviews and updates.

We collaborate with clients through an online task management application that provides a visual overview of the entire scope of work.

Out team structure is flat. You always work with our “A” team so valuable information isn't lost in translation.

Our Team 

We’re a proven creative team that works directly with you, making sure your objectives are heard and effectively executed.

With Blue Star, you get excellent customer service, thoughtful research and planning, an integrated creative process, and results to be proud of.

Our talented designers, marketers, and writers are ready and willing to help you reach your goals.

We are a woman-owned, women-led, award-winning agency.

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