Each year, we recognize the outstanding efforts of our content team and writing partners by participating in one of the most prestigious marketing communication competitions. We are very proud to announce our winners in the 2023 MarCom Awards. 

About MarCom

MarCom Awards honor excellence in marketing and communication while recognizing the creativity and hard work of industry professionals like Blue Star. It is also one of the world’s largest, most-respected creative competitions. About 6,500 print and digital entries are submitted annually from dozens of countries.

Platinum Winner:
Anderson International // Understanding Hexane Extraction of Vegetable Oils

Anderson International is the global leader in precision oilseed equipment and extraction. Writing for their processing systems is complex and requires the ability to detail their services’ mechanical, chemical, and biological engineering aspects. In this particular article, we explain hexane extraction, why it’s preferred for large-scale oilseed extraction, and why some processors seek greener alternatives Read the blog

Gold Winner:
MetroHealth, Positive Peers // What is Outcourse

In 2015, Blue Star worked with MetroHealth to develop Positive Peers, an easy-to-use HIV app that helps people better manage their condition. Since its inception, we have continued to support their efforts by providing users with healthcare information for sex-positive, holistic care. In this blog, we detail how outercourse can be a great way to enjoy and practice safe sex when living with HIV. Read the blog

Gold Winner:
Russell Hendrix // 5 Reasons to Invest in the New Cambro Containers: CamSquare® FreshPro

Russell Hendrix is Canada’s most extensive food service equipment and supply dealership, with distribution centers stocking restaurant equipment and small wares, including top-end storage products by Cambro. In this blog, we highlight the classic CamSquares—durable, lightweight, square containers that fit into small, professional kitchen spaces. Read the blog

Gold Winner:
CBTS // Ten essential benefits of a managed SASE solution

CBTS is an enterprise technology solutions provider that delivers application modernization, managed cloud, security, communications, and infrastructure solutions. Over the last year, SASE has become a choice for organizations needing a broader IT approach because it incorporates multiple technologies in a single service. This blog explains what SASE is and the benefits of managed solutions. Read the blog