Blue Star was recognized with four awards in GDUSA’s 60th anniversary American Graphic Design Awards.

For 60 years, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has been a source of news and information for graphic designers and the broader creative community. In addition to the print magazine and news site, GDUSA hosts several national design competitions, with the American Graphic Design Awards as its flagship contest open to everyone in the community. Historically, Blue Star has won 51 GDUSA Graphic Design and Health+Wellness awards.

We are so proud of our talented team, which is full of creative and innovative ideas to help our clients express themselves and reach their goals.

Case Western Reserve University Global Magazine

The Case Global magazine is a publication that features the latest news and events of Case Western Reserve University’s international law program, including research, alumni stories, and student achievements. This edition focused on a $1 million endowment for the CWRU Immigration Law Clinic to champion human rights. View online

Positive Peers Campaign

The Sexual Health Promotion Unit (SHPU) in Sacramento County, CA, is a Key Health Partner of Positive Peers. Looking to spur awareness throughout Sacramento and encourage enrollment in the online app, SHPU turned to Blue Star to create a two-month, multi-faced campaign that included bus signage, digital advertising, social media, and posters for their clinics. Unique QR and UTM codes were used to track leads.

Mature woman in white t-shirt on bright yellow studio wall background

Rama Road Elementary

Rama Road Elementary is a public school in Charlotte, NC, with 550 pupils, 80% of whom are minority students. Last year, the school’s mascot, a raccoon, was retired for reasons of racial sensitivity and replaced with a raptor. Rama’s principal asked Blue Star to create a logo representing the school’s spirit and values. The new mascot and logo are a significant part of the school’s brand, used on signage, spirit wear, and enrollment materials.

Rescue Retreat

Not long after Hurricane Ian made its way to SW Florida, the Kravchuks were left with a massive renovation of their newly purchased Airbnb property in Cape Coral, FL. As they reopened, they turned to Blue Star to create an online presence representing their beautiful home in the canals. We named their property The Rescue Retreat for their love of rescue dogs, Jim’s career as a firefighter and paramedic, and their response to helping others during the hurricane. We wrote their story and built a site to support their digital marketing efforts and show their love for furry friends. View the site